Amharic Phrases

Amharic Pharases
Hello selam
How are you? endemin aleh (for male) endemin alesh (for female)
I am fine dehna negn
Yes awo
No aye
What is your name? semeh man new (for male) semish man new (for female)
My name is … seme … new
I am from ene ke … negn
Good morning endemin aderk (for male) endemin adersh (for female)
Good afternoon endemin walk (for male) endemin walish (for female)
Good evening endemin amesheh (for male) endemin ameshesh (for female)
Good night dehna eder (for male) dehna ederi (for female)
Good bye dehna hun (for male) dehna hugni (for female)
Excuse me yeqerta
How much is this wagaw sint new
Please ebakeh (for male) ebakish (for female)
Help erdata
Thank you amesegenalehu
Where is the toilet shint bet yet new
Go away hid (for male) hiji (for female)
stop kum (for male) kumi (for female)
Don’t touch me atinkagn (for male) atenkign (for female)
I am lost tefahu
I need a doctor hakim efelegalehu
Can i use your phone silk metekem efeligalehu
Bread dabo
Sause wet
Meat siga
spicy qememaqemem
Coffe Buna
Milk wetet
Vegetarian Yesom
Water weha
Sugar sekwar

More phrases and words will be added soon.